At Atlas Finance we believe that managing your debt with a consolidation loan is a far better option than a Debt Management Plan and it will have no adverse effects on your credit score.

Too many companies are keen to push Debt Management Plans without taking into consideration the full circumstances of their clients, possibly causing irreparable damage to your credit file in the process. At Atlas finance we take a personal approach to every one of our customers. Getting to know your exact circumstances with a full personal review, which can be face to face if you live in Scotland or The North of England. We are based in Glasgow but we are more than happy to travel to you to discuss your finances and find a solution that is right for you in the privacy and comfort of your own home.

Debt consolidation loans will immediately reduce your monthly outgoings and alleviate your financial stresses. Call our Glasgow office now and we can tell you quickly if you could be accepted.

A debt consolidation loan has the following benefits;
– Pay off all of your credit and store cards as well as catologues and other household finance and benefit from ONE lower monthly repayment (often over the same term).
– Very often our consolildation loans reduce our clients outgoings by as much as HALF.
– Unlike Debt Management Plans they improve your credit rating.
– They are even suitable for customers with Bad Credit or who have been refused finance elsewhere.
– In minutes you could know if your circumstances can improve with our online form.
– Available to homeowners only.

So don’t delay, change your financial future today and apply online for a fast approval or call us for advice to see how a debt consolidation loan could help you now.

Our Loans

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Homeowner Loans

If you are a homeowner you could borrow from £10,000 to £500,000 for any purpose with a secured loan.

Secured loans give you a great deal more options, so it really does benefit you being a homeowner.

Benefits of a Secured Loan from Atlas Finance include;

  • Affordable Monthly Repayments
  • Loans from £10,000 to £500,000
  • Use the loan for any purpose including paying of credit cards and other loans
  • Reduce your monthly outgoings dramatically, before your next monthly payment is due
  • Fixed or Variable rates available
  • Simple online application
  • We even accept those with bad credit or who have been refused finance elsewhere
  • We are not a high street bank so can access far more competitive rates for you
  • Available to homeowners only

We search the whole of the market so that all you need to do is fill out 1 simple form and we will find the best option available for your circumstances.

Bridging Loans

How could a bridging loan help you.

Flexibility of Lending Criteria

It’s no longer the case that if the the computer says no your options are limited. We don’t use credit scoring techniques for all of our loans just good old fashioned personal contact. That allows us to think outside the box in ways the banks never could, especially in this day and age.


Whether you are buying at auction or from a distressed vendor, bridging finance allows you the ability to get instant lending decisions within days not months.

Professional landlords and investors can limit their exposure to high street banks

Used in conjuction with our extended bridge product our clients can benefit from a medium term solution for 2 to 3 years. In this economic climate banks increasingly choose to limit the maximum number of properties they will finance within an individual clients portfolio, making it more difficult for them to by further properties. As we don’t have this restriction we can lend when banks cannot.

Lending to Companies

Whether you have Limited or Offshore Limited Company, SPV, Trust or LLP we have a lending solution for you and this is increasingly become a more viable option for clients wanting to add to their portfolio with all the tax benefits these vehicles hold.

Buying Under market value

Distressed vendors need to sell quickly and our customers are often able to pick up properties for their portfolio cheaper than market value thanks to our products. These days banks will often only lend based on the lower of the OMV and PP, making it necessary for the client to put in as much as a 30% deposit.

Buying Properties which require refurbishment

Some banks require a property to be gutted before they will lend on them. We are able to assist by offering a percentage of the refurbishment cost.

Raising Money by way of a second charge

Remortgages are not always the best option as the principal debt will be set at at the new interest rate when it is quite possible the current rate is more favourable. A second charge bridging loan can be used for any purpose and allows the senior debt to remain at the low rate while the addition raised, can be written from 1 month to 3 years allowing more flexibility.