With industry leading commissions and a superior service – we could help you make the most of your loan referrals.

On a secured loan of £20,000 on average you could earn over £1,000 referral commission for each secured loan completion.

How you could benefit:
 – 50% of net earned income
– Decision made within 1 hour on referrals
– No call centres, just experienced professionals
– Home visits available on all cases
– We achieve high levels of completions and customer satisfaction
– We provide a highly personal and very efficient service
– Instant access to our referral form – no other forms to complete
– We guarantee that we will never cross-sell other products to your clients

We have 100% Loan To Value available.

Our simple 3 step process

Step 1
Call us on 0141 847 0135 to refer your application by telephone.

Step 2
We will then contact you with appropriate loan options available, so you can discuss these options with your customer.

Step 3
On completion of the loan, we’ll pay your commission quickly and there’s no further paperwork.
So why not try us with your next secured loan referral and experience the difference for yourself.
Start referring online now
To speak with a member of our introducer team: Call today 0141 847 0135.